UNIFEs Topical Groups steer UNIFE work on standardisation, regulation and research on specifica topical areas and are supervised by the UNIFE Standards and Regulation Group

UNIFE Topical Groups mainly act as a network of experts who are specialised in particular subject of the rail system and tend to be active in support the works of the various UNIFE mirror groups, coordinating input related to standardisation when it is identified as being necessary to do so at a UNIFE level by the Standards and Regulation Group (SRG). They also interact with relevant research projects when appropriate.

In addition four topical groups are directly related to sustainability and environmental issues, and therefore interface both with the SRG and the Sustainable Transport Committee, these are: Life Cycle Assessment TG, Chemical Risk TG, Energy Efficiency TG and Diesel TG. For further information related to the UNIFE Sustainable Transport Committee click here.

The following are the UNIFE Topical Groups, clicking on the group name will provide more information:

Aerodynamics TG           Energy Efficiency TG
          Fire Safety TG
          Railway Dynamics TG