This section provides more information on the rail sector and its benefits as well as the many topic areas and issues where UNIFE is active

  • Fourth Railway Package

    This section provides an overview of the Fourth Railway Package and its importance to the European Rail Industry

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  • Standards and Regulation

    Mirror groups
    Topical Groups
    SRG Structure and Interfaces
    Key EU Legislative Docs

    UNIFE coordinates the input of the rail supply industry towards the development of regulations and documents drafted by the European Railway Agency and the Commission. Read more about these activities in this section.

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  • Trade & International Affairs

    UNIFE is active in promoting free trade agreements that offer a level playing field to European suppliers. Likewise, UNIFE also actively promotes European standards and products abroad. This section explains more about UNIFE's international activity.

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  • EU Financing for Rail

    Structural Funds

    Read more about the many different EU Financing tools available for the development of rail systems in EU member states

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  • Environment & Sustainability

    Climate Change
    Diesel Traction
    Rail Industry Substance List

    This section contains an overview and details on specific environment and sustainability topics pertaining to rail where UNIFE is active

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    Read more about the history and recent developments in the European Rail Traffic Management System both in Europe and globally.

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  • Shift2Rail

    The Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking involves the entire rail sector and its preparatory phase was coordinated by UNIFE and its members. Learn more about the initiative in this section.

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  • Rail Systems

    Rolling Stock

    This section provides information on the rail system and its subsystems and UNIFE's activities in supporting our members' development and manufacture of high-quality rail technology.

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  • Urban Mobility

    UNIFE believes that in order to respond to these challenges, it is necessary to promote a modal shift to public transport. Rail-bound urban transport (light rail, metros and commuter trains) – as it is the most environmentally-friendly, safest and most reliable and rapid transport mode – provides the best solution to urban mobility challenges.

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  • World Rail Market Study

    The World Rail Market Study is the leading reference on the global rail supply market. Produced biennally it is a trusted source on the current rail market as well as a reliable forecast on the future demand for rail supplies.

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  • Rail Freight

    Rail freight is a important business for many UNIFE members. Read more about our activities in the rail freight field in this section

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  • IRIS

    IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) Certification™ promotes the performance of rail organisations to enhance product quality.

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Key Publications

  • About UNIFE Guide

    An overview of our research, standardisation & regulation and public affairs activities. In addition the publication presents our Organisational structure, Committees and Working goups.

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