This section provides more information on the rail sector and its benefits as well as the many topic areas and issues where UNIFE is active

  • Fourth Railway Package

    The Fourth Railway Package is the European Commission's legislative proposal to increase the efficiency of the European Rail System. UNIFE is heavily focused on the Technical Pillar of the package which would bring major cost and time savings for the rail supply industry.

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  • Standards and Regulation

    UNIFE Technical Working Groups
    Key EU and Industry Documents

    The principal objectives of UNIFE's standard and regulation activities are to support the harmonisation and transparency of technical rules in Europe in order to facilitate the development and authorisation of rail products in Europe. Read more about these activities in this section.

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  • Trade & International Affairs

     The European Rail Supply Industry supplies around one half of the global demand for rail supplies and over 80% of the European demand for rail products. Yet, an increasing lack of a global level-playing field needs to be urgently addressed.

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  • EU Financing for Rail

    Read more about the many different EU Financing tools available for the development of rail systems in EU member states

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  • Environment & Sustainability

    Climate Change
    Diesel Traction
    Rail Industry Substance List

    Rail is the most environmentally-friendly transport mode, UNIFE Members are working hard to make it even greener and encourage a shift to rail. 

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    The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) – A unique train control technology designed to make interoperable European railways

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  • Telecommunications: GSM-R AND FRMCS

    The UNITEL Committee focuses on the development and implementation of the future interoperable railway communication system (FRMCS/Next Generation), the inherent successor of GSM-R, as part of the future ERTMS.

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  • Urban Mobility

    Rail-bound urban transport is the most environmentally-friendly, safest, and most reliable rapid transport mode, providing the best solution to urban mobility challenges. 

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  • Digitalisation & Cybersecurity

    Fostering digital transformation is of greater political importance for the EU than ever before and has thus been identified as a key priority for unlocking future growth in Europe. Our industry is continuously adapting to end-users’ changing needs and expectations to further enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of rail transport.

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  • Rail Freight

    Rail freight is a important business for many UNIFE members. Read more about our activities in the rail freight field in this section

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  • IRIS

    IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) Certification™ promotes rail organisation performance to enhance product quality.

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Key Publications

  • About UNIFE Guide

    An overview of our research, standardisation & regulation and public affairs activities. In addition the publication presents our Organisational structure, Committees and Working goups.

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