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Version 22.01.2016

Information on typical use

The following list provides information on which substances frequently inquired about could occur in which applications. The applications mentioned for the individual substances listed are given as examples and do not claim to be exhaustive. The list contains substances which it may be useful to know about.

Antimony and antimony compounds: e.g. in soft solders, bearing metals, plastics and flame retardants in plastics (only Antimony trioxide)
Aromatic amines : e.g. ageing inhibitors for oils and lubricants
Aromatic hydrocarbons: e.g. in oils, lubricants and tar oils (softeners)
Arsenic and arsenic compounds: e.g: in lead and copper alloys, LEDs
Benzotriazole derivatives: e.g. in oils and lubricants
Beryllium : e.g. in contact and spring materials, elastic packings
Lead : e.g. in solders, batteries
Cadmium and cadmium compounds: e.g. in accumulators and batteries
Chromium (VI) compounds: e.g. in coatings, in technical tubes
Glycol ether acetate: e.g. in solvents and varnishes [only 2-methoxy-2-methoxypropylacetate, 2-ethoxyethanol (ethyl glycol) and 2-ethoxyethylacetat (ethyl glycol acetate) are toxic for reproduction category 2]
Synthetic mineral fibers: e.g. for thermal insulation. It must be distinguished between carcinogenic (e.g. ceramic fibers) and the non-carcinogenic synthetic mineral fibers.
Perfluorooctane sulfonates (PFOS): e.g. in coatings, photo resists, hydraulic fluids, mist suppressants
Phenol compounds: e.g. as ageing inhibitors for oils and lubricants
Phosphoric acid tributyl ester: e.g. in oils and lubricants
Phthalates: e.g. as softener for plastics
Polybrominated diphenyl ether: e.g. as flame retardant in plastics
Polyvinylchloride (PVC): e.g. as plastics
Mercury and mercury compounds: e.g. in discharge lamps
Heavy metal compounds: e.g. in oils and lubricants
Selenium and selenium compounds: e.g. in photoelectric coatings, diodes and rectifiers
Thorium oxide: e.g. as additive to electrode material

Source: ZVEI