Presiding Board

The UNIFE Presiding Board is the highest UNIFE committee and manages the association.

The Presiding Board takes any measures or actions required for the achievement of the mission and objectives of UNIFE and its general policy:

  • It creates commissions and working groups handling issues of common interest to the members
  • The Presiding Board compiles member inquiries and directs the creation of proposals and documents to answer them, including the “Annual Report” to be submitted every year to the General Assembly.
  • This body submits for ratification by the General Assembly the admission of new Members
  • It decides on any matter that does has not been placed under the purview of the General Assembly by UNIFE statutes.

UNIFE’s Presiding Board members are elected by the General Assembly for a three year term.
The Presiding Board is chaired by the Chair of the Association, elected for three years – non-renewable.

Click here to see the full list of UNIFE Presiding Board Members.

For further information, please contact
Arturs Alksnis
Public Affairs Manager
+32 2 642 23 20

Key Publications

  • About UNIFE Guide

    An overview of our research, standardisation & regulation and public affairs activities. In addition the publication presents our Organisational structure, Committees and Working goups.

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