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    Mar 2018

    FAQ EU Regulation 2016/1628 - Rail Vehicle Applications

    The purpose of this FAQ document is to contribute to a clear understanding of the Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 and the relevant supplementing legislation concerns emission limits and type approval procedures for engines installed or intended to be installed in non-road mobile machinery. This is an informative document developed in collaboration with EUROMOT, UIC and CER. The regulation entered into force on 6 October 2016 and is applicable from 1 January 2017. The FAQ is intended to provide answers to key questions that are likely to be asked by users of the regulations, focusing especially on relevant provisions and obligations for the railway vehicle manufacturer (original equipment manufacturer (OEM)), importers and distributors. It does not cover the type-approval of the engine.

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    Feb 2018

    Annual Report 2017 (9Mb)

    The UNIFE Annual Report reviews our activities in 2017, focusing on areas ranging from industrial policy, trade, R&D, to ERTMS, IRIS Certification, and advocating at the political level for better regulation and investment in favour of rail.

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    Nov 2017

    Joint Rail Sector Declaration on Digitalisation of Railways

    The shared objective of all rail stakeholders is to offer highly efficient and attractive transport options to their customers, and digitalisation is a key tool to achieve this in a fast-moving technology environment. To foster the rail sector’s attractiveness and competitiveness, we are continuously adapting to the changing needs of end-users, for whom commuting mobile apps and real-time information has become part of everyday life.

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    Oct 2017

    Industry and research associations’ position on EU Institutional Public Private Partnerships in Research and Innovation

    This paper represents the common position of 5 industry associations and partners (Hydrogen Europe, ASD, BIC, EFPIA and UNIFE) involved in 6 EU institutional Public  Private Partnerships (IPPP) (under the legal structure known as Joint Undertakings (JUs)), collectively representing 453 companies and 48 national associations, supplemented by 218 RTOs and university associations2.

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    Sep 2017

    Views of the rail sector: Post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework

    In the context of the budgetary discussions for the post-2020 period, we – the European associations representing the rail sector – would like to explain in this joint paper why it is important for the European Union to continue investing in rail projects, particularly considering the benefits of rail transport for the economy and the whole society. Besides illustrating the European added value of rail projects, the paper also highlights the considerable financial resources still required to complete the TEN-T rail network, modernise and digitalise rail infrastructure in Europe for the benefit of Europe’s citizens.

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