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    Jul 2018

    Industry4Europe: A governance structure

    With this Joint Paper the Industry4Europe coalition has been calling for a long-term vision for Europe’s industry which demands a long-term governance structure going beyond the 6-month EU Presidency cycle and the 5-year mandate of the current European Commission. Such a governance structure should enable the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament, together with industry stakeholders, to develop a common vision for a smart, innovative and sustainable industry. Existing policies, initiatives and tools, addressing the challenges and gaps, including those described in the Commission’s Communication “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry: A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy” of September 2017, should be reviewed in order to develop and implement a long-term comprehensive EU Industrial Strategy as well as for monitoring its progress on a regular basis.

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    Apr 2018

    CEF funding for ERTMS deployment in the post-2020 MFF

    The purpose of the position paper is to highlight several issues that should be taken into account in the context of the budgetary discussions for the post-2020 period and the preparation of CEF 2

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    Apr 2018

    UNIFE Research & Innovation Activities (updated)

    This publication provides an overview of UNIFE’s research and innovation activities, including the European research projects with direct UNIFE involvement from the EU’s Framework Programmes for Research (FP7, Horizon2020) and Shift2Rail.

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    Mar 2018

    Industry4Europe: Setting Indicators

    The aim of this Joint Paper is to propose a short list of indicators that can be used to both assess the health of the European Industryand monitor the progress made by the EU on the implementation of its industrial strategy. The indicator list is composed of two sections: the headline indicators and those linked to the pillars of the Joint Reaction Paper previously presented by Industry4Europe. The indicators are simple and intended to be applied in combination to answer specific questions that may be relevant for different scenarios.

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    Mar 2018

    FAQ EU Regulation 2016/1628 - Rail Vehicle Applications

    The purpose of this FAQ document is to contribute to a clear understanding of the Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 and the relevant supplementing legislation concerns emission limits and type approval procedures for engines installed or intended to be installed in non-road mobile machinery. This is an informative document developed in collaboration with EUROMOT, UIC and CER. The regulation entered into force on 6 October 2016 and is applicable from 1 January 2017. The FAQ is intended to provide answers to key questions that are likely to be asked by users of the regulations, focusing especially on relevant provisions and obligations for the railway vehicle manufacturer (original equipment manufacturer (OEM)), importers and distributors. It does not cover the type-approval of the engine.

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  • World Rail Market Study

    The Study is a reference for the rail sector and is regularly referred to as a standard set of data for the rail supply industry.
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