UNIFE - the Association of the European Rail Industry was formerly represented by three associations: AICMR (Association Internationale des Constructeurs de Matérial Roulant), AFEDEF (Association des Fabricants Européens d'Equipements Ferroviaires) CELTE (Constructeurs Européens des Locomotives Thermiques et Electriques), all of which were based in France. 


With the creation of the single market in 1993, the urgent need to focus on European transport matters arose. Hence, in 1991, the three associations decided to merge into UNIFE.

In 1992, UNIFE moved to Brussels. Today it directly represents European companies responsible for the design, manufacture, maintenance and refurbishment of rail transport systems, subsystems and related equipment. Membership in addition extends to associated members, mainly composed of national railway industry associations.

UNIFE’s role is to represent its members’ interests at international and EU level. The mission of the association is to pro-actively develop an environment in which UNIFE members can provide competitive railway systems for increasing rail traffic.



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